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2015 Sermons


Sermon, 01/04/2015, Epiphany                                                        Sermon, 01/11/2015, The Baptism of Our Lord

Sermon, 01/18/2015, The Second Sunday after Epiphany           Sermon, 01/25/2015, The Third Sunday after Epiphany

Sermon, 02/01/2015, The Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany      

Sermon, 02/15/2015, The Transfiguration of Our Lord                  Sermon, 02/18/2015, Ash Wednesday

Sermon, 02/22/2015, The First Sunday in Lent                              Sermon, 02/25/2015, Second Midweek Lent Service

Sermon, 03/01/2015, The Second Sunday in Lent                        Sermon, 03/04/2015, Third Midweek Lent Service

Sermon, 03/08/2015, The Third Sunday in Lent              

Sermon, 03/15/2015, The Fourth Sunday in Lent

Sermon, 03/22/2015, The Fifth Sunday in Lent                              Sermon, 03/25/2015, Midweek Lent Service

Sermon, 03/29/2015, Palm Sunday

Sermon, 04/02/2015, Maundy Thursday                                         Sermon, 04/03/2015, Good Friday

Sermon, 04/05/2015, Easter Sunday                                              Sermon, 04/12/2015, Second Sunday of Easter

Sermon, 04/19/2015, Third Sunday of Easter                                Sermon, 04/26/2015, Fourth Sunday of Easter

Sermon, 05/03/2015, Fifth Sunday of Easter                                 Sermon, 05/10/2015, Sixth Sunday of Easter

Sermon, 05/17/2015, Seventh Sunday of Easter                          Sermon, 05/24/2015, The Day of Pentecost

Sermon, 05/31/2015, The Holy Trinity                                            Sermon, 06/07/2015, The Second Sunday after Pentecost

Sermon, 06/14/2015, The Third Sunday after Pentecost             Sermon, 06/14/2015, The Fourth Sunday after Pentecost


Sermon, 12/13/2015, Midweek Advent Service          Sermon, 12/16/2015, Midweek Advent Service

Sermon, 12/20/2015, Fourth Sunday in Advent         Sermon, 12/24/2015, Christmas Eve Service

Sermon, 12/25/2015, Christmas Day Service            Sermon, 12/27/2015, First Sunday After Christmas




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